Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Research Update - 14 January 2009

Just an update on the progress of the research.

Before the Holidays, Mr. Billy Byers of the Drayton area provided information and photographs on his brother Volney (WW II).

Mr. William Littlejohn has provided information and photographs on Jesse Littlejohn (WWII)

Mrs. Josephine Slaten of Pacolet has provided information and photographs on her brother: James Albert Edmonds (WWII)

Mr. Robert Hall of Inman has shared a scrapbook created by his mother and sister during WWII. It included many newspaper articles, pictures, obituaries, etc. about local men in service at the time.

Mr. Odell Vaughn has shared a photograph of his buddy Boyce Sullivan (WWII).

Electronic images for WWI and WWII names "A" through "C" created from the October St. Louis trip have been printed out and filed in my filing cabinet.


The first 50 requests have been submitted to St. Louis for our April research trip. These requests must be submitted individually at least 8 weeks ahead of the visit. The approval form to bring a camera into the research center has also been submitted. Will continue to submit research requests as I complete them so that the center staff are not overwhelmed at the last minute.

That's all for tonight. Am taking a couple days break from working on the project as it has been non-stop since the semester break

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