Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial

There are 11 servicemen from Spartanburg County buried in Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial. They are:
Beatty, Morris J. (U.S. Army), Plot A, Row 17, Grave 18
Davis, Alvin F. (U.S. Army), Plot K, Row 23, Grave 24
Hughes, Harry L. (U.S. Army), Plot B, Row 9, Grave 59
Kelly, Henry B. (U.S. Army), Plot D, Row 21, Grave 41
Lamb, Jennings G. (U.S. Army), Plot A, Row 34, Grave 31
McKee, James F. (U.S. Army Air Corps), Plot B, Row 30, Grave 27
Mooneyham, Carl R. (U.S. Army), Plot B, Ros 17, Grave 50
Roddy, James F. (U.S. Army), Plot C, Row 24, Grave 31
Waldrop, William P. (U.S. Army), Plot J, Row 9, Grave 16
Webber, Gerald H. (U.S. Army), Plot A, Row 33, Grave 13
Wofford, Gettys (U.S. Army), Plot J, Row 44, Grave 12

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