Sunday, February 8, 2009

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

There are 12 servicemen from Spartanburg County buried or memorialized at Normandy American Cemetery. They are:
Abernathy, Leonard E. (U.S. Army), Plot G, Row 6, Grave 25
Ballenger, Carrol E. (U.S. Army), Plot H, Row 27, Grave 28
Boone, Ruel K. (U.S. Army Air Corps), Plot D, Row 20, Grave 32
Byers, Volney L. (U.S. Army), Plot H, Row 9, Grave 28
Cannon, John T. (U.S. Army), Plot J, Row 21, Grave 14
Floyd, James M. (U.S. Army), Plot C, Row 23, Grave 11
Gilmore, Claude W. (U.S. Army), Plot H, Row 9, Grave 37
Gossett, Thomas H. (U.S. Army Air Corps), Plot B, Row 22, Grave 24
Heath, George L. (U.S. Army), Plot D, Row 27, Grave 35
Moseley, James O. (U.S. Army), Tablets of Missing
Owens, Paul E. (U.S. Army), Plot E, Row 25, Grave 18
Spearman, Herbert D. (U.S. Army), Plot I, Row 22, Grave 3

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